Vocal Ensembles —

Choir of Clare College, Cambridge


This really is exceptional singing - immaculately balanced and blended, with text always at its heart. Ross and his young singers have given us quite the gift in this series. I can't wait to hear what they do next.

Alexandra Coghlan, Gramophone

Since the founding of a mixed voice choir in 1972, the Choir of Clare College has gained an international reputation as one of the leading university choral groups in the world.

Stile Antico


It’s never a good idea to miss a concert from this British vocal ensemble: There are no finer singers of early music.

New York Times

Stile Antico is firmly established as one of the world’s most accomplished and innovative vocal ensembles.

The Swingles


“stunning reinventions... audacious harmonies... superhero singing to truly raise goosebumps”

The Guardian

The Swingles are one of the world’s most admired and loved vocal groups

Instrumentalists —


Emmanuel Despax


Emmanuel Despax is a formidable talent, fleet of finger, elegant of phrase and a true keyboard colourist.


Emmanuel Despax has gained worldwide recognition as a singular artist, whose interpretations bring a rare sincerity and imagination to the music

Peter Donohoe


I cannot imagine a living pianist capable of improving upon Donohoe’s outstanding artistry.

Robert Matthew-Walker, Musical Opinion

Since his success as joint winner of the 1982 International Tchaikovsky Competition, Peter has gained international renown as one of the foremost pianists of our time, for his musicianship, stylistic versatility and commanding technique.

Janina Fialkowska


Indeed, lesser mortals may well weep with envy at such unfaltering authority. She has done her one time mentor, Arthur Rubinstein, proud.


Beloved the world over for her exquisite pianism, Janina Fialkowska has enchanted audiences for over thirty years with her glorious lyrical sound and her profound sense of musical integrity.

Andrey Gugnin


Possessing an “extraordinarily versatile and agile technique, which serves an often inspired musical imagination” (Gramophone), pianist Andrey Gugnin is rapidly gaining international acclaim as a passionately virtuosic performer.

Judith Jáuregui


Overwhelming imagination and charm.

Scherzo Magazine

“Listening to Judith Jáuregui is, above all, a discovery of a leading artist, who plays without borders and finds her truth in musical power, but also in an overwhelming interiority.” Mediapart

Freddy Kempf


Kempf is a pianist in a million

The Arts Desk

Freddy Kempf is one of today’s most successful pianists performing to sell-out audiences all over the world. Exceptionally gifted with an unusually broad repertoire, Freddy has built a unique reputation as an explosive and physical performer who is not afraid to take risks as well as a serious, sensitive and profoundly musical artist.

Noriko Ogawa


…pianism of the highest order

The Times

Noriko Ogawa has achieved considerable renown throughout the world. Appearing with all the major European, Japanese and US orchestras, as well as an extensive discography with BIS Records, Noriko’s highly acclaimed performances set her apart from her contemporaries.

Melvyn Tan


... the most thoughtful, elegant and refined of pianists... one of those marvellous concerts where everything seemed to illuminate everything else.

The Guardian

Exploration, insight and imagination are vital ingredients in Melvyn Tan’s blend of artistic attributes. He established his international reputation in the 1980s with pioneering performances on the fortepiano and continues to cast fresh light on music conceived for the piano’s early and modern forms.

Piano Duo

Peter Donohoe & Noriko Ogawa


Peter Donohoe and Noriko Ogawa, two of Britain’s finest pianists, collaborate again to reaffirm their highly regarded working relationship, performing a wide variety of repertoire for two pianos.


Michael Collins


Brilliant playing in every sense

Classic FM

As a leading conductor and exponent of the clarinet, Michael Collins is one of the most complete musicians of his generation.


Huw Wiggin


Wiggin brings dazzling flair and imagination to his performance

BBC Music Magazine

Since winning first prize and gold medal at the Royal Over-seas League Annual Music Competition, Huw Wiggin has become one of the most popular saxophonists of his generation.


Ellinor D’Melon


D’Melon, in spite of her age, is one of those rare players who gives the impression that her command – both technical and musical – is total. […] Simply fabulous.

The Irish Times

Ellinor D’Melon is a violinist whose control, technical and musical, is absolutely total. She is forging a career as a violinist of the highest standing of her generation.

Thomas Gould


The staggeringly virtuosic Gould...his musicianship is enthralling. A talent to watch.

The Guardian

Thomas Gould performs as soloist with orchestras internationally, and in the UK he has performed with virtually all the major symphony orchestras in an unusually broad repertoire that includes many contemporary works. He also has considerable experience in Jazz performance.

Tai Murray


" Technically flawless... vivacious and scintillating... It is without doubt that Murray’s style of playing is more mature than that of many seasoned players; and, with a debut record this outstanding, it can safely be assumed that she will exceed many expectations – she’s certainly exceeded mine. "

Muso Magazine

Described as "superb" by The New York Times, the former BBC New Generation Artist is an inspiring talent, appreciated for her elegance and effortless ability, mature phrasing and subtle sweetness.

Tamsin Waley-Cohen


"Undeniably-fabulous playing"

Classical Source

Tamsin Waley-Cohen enjoys an adventurous and varied career. A former ECHO Rising Star her duo partners include Huw Watkins and James Baillieu.


Adolfo Gutiérrez Arenas


Cellist Adolfo Gutierrez Arenas’ impassioned voice made an immediate arresting impression with more than a hint of the pathos heard in the great cellists of the past, e.g., Casals and du Pré.

Herald Tribune

A cellist of exceptional ability, Adolfo Gutiérrez is one of the great figures of current Spanish music, with "one of the most incredibly attractive tones currently heard in the world".

Guy Johnston


"A gripping performance"

New York Times

Guy Johnston is one of the most exciting British cellists of his generation.

Chamber Ensembles —

String quartet

Ligeti Quartet


Magnificently vivid performances... sheer unadulterated exuberance


The ​Ligeti ​Quartet has ​been ​at ​the ​forefront ​of ​modern ​and ​contemporary ​music since its ​formation ​in ​2010, ​breaking ​new ​ground ​through ​innovative ​programming ​and championing ​of ​today’s ​most ​exciting ​composers ​and ​artists.

Piatti Quartet


The Piatti Quartet are on ferociously fine form.

BBC Music Magazine

The Piatti Quartet are one of the most distinguished quartets of their generation. Prizewinners of the 2015 Wigmore Hall String Quartet Competition, they have performed in all the major venues and festivals around the country as well as concerts throughout the world.

Piano trio

London Bridge Trio


The poetry, flexibility and ardour displayed by these gifted players held me captive from first note to last


The London Bridge Trio is one of Britain’s most exciting and brilliant chamber groups, whose primary focus is driven by the piano trio repertoire.

Trio Zadig


The climbs in power are lightning fast, the changes in character are abrupt, the silences are striking


The multi-award winning Zadig Trio effortlessly command attention through their skillful virtuosity, elegant poise, and an infectious spirit that permeates every performance

Wind ensemble

London Winds


London Winds are second to none in terms of technical accomplishment, expressive commitment and warmth of timbre.

BBC Music Magazine

A stunning combination of virtuoso players who also enjoy active solo careers, London Winds' performances are renowned for their technical brilliance, interpretative vision and joie de vivre.

Brass ensemble



Virtuoso playing: glossy, brilliantly articulated, audaciously coloured, technically flawless.

Anna Picard, BBC Music Magazine

Septura brings together the UK’s top orchestral players, born out of a passion for the awe-inspiring sound of brass instruments. Their creation – the brass septet – is uniquely vibrant and versatile, and aims to harness its intense emotional power to produce transformative musical experiences for audiences around the world.

Chamber Orchestra

Orchestra of The Swan


Excellence, innovation and accessibility from Shakespeare's Stratford-upon-Avon. 'Orchestra of the Swan brings the music ear-catchingly alive'


One of the UK's leading Chamber Orchestras

Chamber Ensemble

Wigmore Soloists


Collins is joined by newly formed ensemble Wigmore Soloists, the crème de la crème of chamber players who in this beautifully produced interpretation take a much-loved piece...

A new chamber ensemble comprising a roster of outstanding musicians, led by Michael Collins and Isabelle van Keulen, and created with Wigmore Hall’s Director, John Gilhooly.

Conductors —

Michael Collins


Brilliant playing in every sense

Classic FM

As a leading conductor and exponent of the clarinet, Michael Collins is one of the most complete musicians of his generation.

Paul Goodwin


Glowing perfection.

International Record Review

Paul Goodwin is renowned for his historically informed interpretations of music of all periods, his wide repertoire and his interest in contemporary music. He has a great passion for incorporating period style within the traditional orchestral world and creating unusual and dynamic programmes.

Jason Lai


Highest praise ultimately goes to conductor Lai...whose no-nonsense leadership and indefatigable energy oversaw this empowering concert.


Jason Lai is a leading light in a new generation of Asian conductors, and has recently been appointed Associate Conductor for both the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. He is also the Principal Conductor of the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory Orchestra and frequently appears with orchestras all over the world as a guest conductor.

Aleksandar Markovic


The music was broadcasting (the color) like a prism in direct sunlight! All of the score’s sweeping romance, elegant grandeur, and intimate melancholy was masterfully brought to life by conductor Aleksandar Marković.

John Carrol, Opera Wire

Aleksandar's passion and commitment to his work results in interpretations that are deeply moving, with intensely perceptible experiences for all who hear them.

Rebecca Miller


It is not possible to see the sparks, but you can certainly hear them.

Financial Times

Rebecca Miller, celebrated for her energetic and compelling presence on the podium, is a champion of unjustly-neglected female composers and renowned for her extensive work with young musicians. She was Chief Conductor of the Uppsala Chamber Orchestra from 2019-23 and takes up new posts with the Royal Orchestral Society and Orchestra of the Swan from September 2023.

Nicolae Moldoveanu


Moldoveanu has found ways to interpret the work with subtle rubato, carefully timed phrasing, and tasteful adjustments to dynamics, and the ballet seems to be freshly revived with only the slightest of changes.

Blair Sanderson, All Music

Internationally-renowned conductor Nicolae Moldoveanu is known for his versatility, having conducted extensive opera and orchestral repertoire with many of the world's most prestigious orchestras and opera companies.

Julian Rachlin


Julian Rachlin is one of the most renowned artistic personalities of our time. In his over thirty year career, Mr. Rachlin’s multifaceted interests have taken him across the globe as a conductor, soloist, recording artist, chamber musician, teacher, and artistic director.

Ilyich Rivas


Rivas is incredibly clear and accurate and shows exactly what he wants and directs huge orchestral forces with much confidence and efficiency.

Frankfurter Neue Presse

Ilyich is one of the great conductors of his generation. "Rivas is incredibly clear and accurate and shows exactly what he wants, and directs huge orchestral forces with much confidence and efficiency."

Graham Ross


To say he's impressive would be an understatement

The Telegraph

Graham Ross is Director of Music of Clare College, Cambridge, and Principal Conductor/co-founder of The Dmitri Ensemble. A composer and conductor of a broad repertoire, he has had works performed throughout Europe and beyond.

Howard Williams


Howard Williams conducts a most impressively authoritative performance.


Howard Williams, one of Britain’s most experienced conductors on the international platform, has covered a formidable range of work both in the opera house and concert hall. His exceptionally large symphonic repertoire is matched in the theatre by nearly a hundred opera and ballet titles and a love of orchestral and choral collaboration.

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