Chamber Ensembles

String quartet

Ligeti Quartet

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The ​Ligeti ​Quartet has ​been ​at ​the ​forefront ​of ​modern ​and ​contemporary ​music since its ​formation ​in ​2010, ​breaking ​new ​ground ​through ​innovative ​programming ​and championing ​of ​today’s ​most ​exciting ​composers ​and ​artists.

Piatti Quartet

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The Piatti Quartet are one of the most distinguished quartets of their generation. Prizewinners of the 2015 Wigmore Hall String Quartet Competition, they have performed in all the major venues and festivals around the country as well as concerts throughout the world.

Piano trio

London Bridge Trio

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The London Bridge Trio is one of Britain’s most exciting and brilliant chamber groups, whose primary focus is driven by the piano trio repertoire.

Trio Zadig

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The multi-award winning Zadig Trio effortlessly command attention through their skillful virtuosity, elegant poise, and an infectious spirit that permeates every performance

Wind ensemble

London Winds

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A stunning combination of virtuoso players who also enjoy active solo careers, London Winds' performances are renowned for their technical brilliance, interpretative vision and joie de vivre.

Brass ensemble


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Septura brings together the UK’s top orchestral players, born out of a passion for the awe-inspiring sound of brass instruments. Their creation – the brass septet – is uniquely vibrant and versatile, and aims to harness its intense emotional power to produce transformative musical experiences for audiences around the world.

Chamber Orchestra

Chamber Ensemble

Wigmore Soloists

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A new chamber ensemble comprising a roster of outstanding musicians, led by Michael Collins and Isabelle van Keulen, and created with Wigmore Hall’s Director, John Gilhooly.