Sacconi Quartet set for Kings Place collaborations

The Sacconi Quartet are gearing up for three exciting performances at Kings Place over the coming weeks, twice on 2nd May and the third on 12th June.

First up are two ground-breaking collaborations as part of Matthew Sharp’s RE:naissance festival, this year celebrating William Shakespeare and running from 1st-3rd May 2014. The Sacconi Quartet are performing Stephen Deazley and Martin Riley’s epic cabaret concerto ‘Death’s Cabaret – A Love Story’ with Sharp, and are also performing with Sharp in Rautavaara’s Les Cieux Inconnues in a programme that also features Joby Burgess, Errollyn Wallen, the Arensky Chamber Orchestra and William Kunhardt

Tickets for RE:naissance are available here or on 020 7520 1490. £5 student tickets for ‘Death’s Cabaret – A Love Story’ are available by quoting SHARP online, over the phone or on the door.

The Sacconi Quartet return to Kings Place on the 12th June as part of the Chamber Classics Unwrapped series, which features the nation’s favourite chamber works, as voted by the general public. The Sacconi Quartet will be performing a programme of  Dvořák and Suk with pianist Simon Crawford-Phillips, with Dvořák’s Piano Quintet ranking 28th in the public poll and the ‘American’ Quartet ranking 9th.

Tickets for this concert are available here, or on 020 7520 1490

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Sacconi Quartet set for Kings Place collaborations

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