VOCES8 new album: After Silence

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As a celebration of VOCES8‘s 15th Anniversary the ensemble has released the first of 4 EP releases which go to make up the “After Silence” project. The first release comes under the heading of Remembrance:

• Drop, Drop, Slow Tears – Orlando Gibbons
• The Deer’s Cry – Arvo Pärt
• Bring Us O Lord God – William Harris
• Ne Irascaris Domine – William Byrd
• Civitas Sancti Tui – William Byrd
• There Is An Old Belief – Charles H. Parry

• Pie Jesu – Gabriel Fauré arr. Barnaby Smith

The releases that make up After Silence are associated with the four classical elements, earth, fire, air and water:
Remembrance, invoking death, loss and the return to earth;
Devotion, focusing on the flames of love, sacred and secular;
Redemption, celebrating rebirth and the renewed breath of life;
Elemental, returning us to the ebb and flow of nature.

These successive online releases will be followed by After Silence, a double album with a beautifully produced booklet, illustrated with contemporary artworks that add a visual dimension to the exploration of the themes. Exalted, vital and freed from their original contextual restraints, the choral works showcased in this project have been carefully compiled for their thematic power and inexhaustible capacity to express the inexpressible.

Find out more at voces8aftersilence

VOCES8 new album: After Silence

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