Dobrinka Tabakova disc with Guy Johnston is BBC Music Magazine Album of the Month

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The recent release of music by Bulgarian-British composer Dobrinka Tabakova, on the Hallé’s own label, has received a fantastic 5-star review and been selected as Recording of the Month by BBC Music Magazine. The disc, which also includes Concerto for Viola and Strings, Orpheus’ Comet and Earth Suite, features a live recording of Tabakova’s Concerto for Cello and Strings, with soloist Guy Johnston.

Reviewer Kate Wakeling writes “The Concerto for Cello and Strings (2008) summons a rawer emotional energy, by turns ferocious and tender. The work is loosely cast in three separate movements but, in Tabakova’s words, has the feeling of ‘one seamless form. I had a very specific idea that I wanted to get across a vision of ascent through the three movements.’ Soloist Guy Johnston here gives a towering performance that responds to the score’s every shift in mood with complete assurance’.


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Guy Johnston

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