Peter Donohoe album a MusicWeb International Recording of the Year

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Peter Donohoe

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The 5th Volume of Peter Donohoe’s Mozart Piano Sonatas series has been selected as a MusicWeb International Recording of the Year.

“In the slow movements I appreciate Donohoe’s patient, unhurried, concentrated focus. K281’s comes with brightly poised weighting and floating of the melodic line, ensuring an exquisite first theme and coquettish second one, offset by a steadily firm bass. K333’s is more musing and emotive, the bass lighter but with transparency supporting the more florid melodic line. The F minor development is faced with equanimity. K533’s Andante is more complex, dramatic and summative. Its dissonant E natural surfaces after three notes where it follows 8 in K333. The left hand still leads the right’s musing but also initiates dissonance and its resolution.”

Michael Greenhalgh, MusicWeb International 

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Peter Donohoe

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