Ligeti Quartet play at Classical:NEXT in Berlin

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Ligeti Quartet

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Next week, the Ligeti Quartet will be playing as part of the Showcase Festival at Classical:NEXT in Berlin, one of only two ensembles from the UK to be part of this high profile industry event.

Classical:NEXT presents artists and ensembles from around the world that push the boundaries and extend the horizons of art music. The Showcase Festival features a live concert series of artists and productions across different formats, providing a unique opportunity to experience a number of performances in a short amount of time.

The Ligeti Quartet will present a concert highlighting recent music and collaborations with Anna Meredith, Mandhira de Saram, Sean Noonan and Christian Mason.

Tuesday 14 May, 10pm


Classical: NEXT is the global networking and exchange hub dedicated exclusively to classical and art music, for all professionals – artists, managers, presenters, orchestras, labels, educators, press, media, publishers and more.

Ligeti Quartet

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