Film Production

Ikon Arts Management works in partnership with TMRW CO to provide high end film services to venues, orchestras, promoters and artists. As leaders in the field, our combined expertise in artist management and film production allows for a first-rate dedicated personal service, developing creative, engaging and informative content.

Working in direct partnership with Ikon Arts Management, TMRW CO is bringing innovation and creative excellence to the classical sphere. Leveraging technologies such as premium video-on-demand concert films, live streamed concerts, VR and editorial documentaries, they are developing new and exciting approaches to seek, develop and engage online audiences. At a time when digital media is even more important than ever, Ikon Arts and TMRW CO will work with you to create a unique digital offering with fresh, engaging content for all platforms.

Services include:

Live streaming: Concerts recorded for live broadcast, or ‘as live’ for future broadcast.
Documentary short: A documentary short opens up your story and allows for a longer narrative journey.
High-end concert film: A memorable concert film, often set in a unique location, shot with high-end digital cameras and dynamic cinema lighting.
Mini documentary: A short editorial film which can quickly engage a new audience and reveal an enticing glimpse of your story.

Step 1.

Creative Development – What’s Your Story?

Let’s get under the skin of your story.

Services include storyboarding, scriptwriting & project planning.

Step 2.

Production – The Shoot

Full broadcast productions with 5K digital cinema grade cameras.

Services include commercial, broadcast, documentary, event and live streaming services.

Step 3.

Post-Production & Distribution

Edit and The Audience

Professional post-production in 4K pipeline; including colour grade, sound design, mix & music composition, delivered for online, cinema or broadcast.


For more details please contact Ellie Shouls, Artist Manager: