Five Ikon Artists appear in March edition of BBC Music Magazine

The March edition of BBC Music Magazine sees five Ikon Artists appear among its pages: Ex Cathedra, Janina Fialkowska, Peter Donohoe, David Owen Norris and the Swingle Singers.

Firstly, The Swingle Singers have been featured in an article titled ‘A Day in the life of Radio 3’ when they were in the studio recording for In Tune.

The magazine also sees a four star review of Janina Fialkowska’s disc of Schubert Piano Sonatas. ‘The curvaceous phrasing (always alert to the singingness of Schubert); the lovely sound (warm yet focused); a blessed lack of metric monotony (the curse of our day), the naturalness of the tempos, the unostentatious grasp of large-scale structure… all these, like Fialkowska’s trademark taste, are features to be cherished.’ Performance: **** 4 stars, Recording: **** 4 stars

Peter Donohoe’s disc of Alan Bush’s Africa, Symphony No. 2 and Fantasia on Soviet Themes is highlighted in the Brief Notes, a guide to new releases. ‘Incisive playing from Donohoe in the tough, combative ‘symphonic movement’ Africa, and alert accounts of the two purely orchestral works, both taut, sharply argued pieces…’ **** 4 stars

Ex Cathedra’s upcoming concert in Birmingham on the 1st March has been named on the Live Choice’s 20 Unmissable Events for March.

And finally, David Owen Norris returns to his usual spot in Notes from the piano stool.

Check out a collection of the articles on this document: Ikon Arts in BBC Music Magazine

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