Peter Donohoe’s John Ogdon Tribute Concert on BBCFour

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Peter Donohoe

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Peter Donohoe’s John Ogdon Tribute Concert at Champs Hill is to be broadcast on BBCFour this Friday 6th June. The concert titled John Ogdon “A Musical Tribute” will be broadcast at 8.30pm, after originally being broadcast live on BBC Radio 3. Donohoe’s performance features music particularly championed by the legendary pianist including works by Scriabin, Liszt, and Ogdon’s own Theme and Variations.

The concert recital programme follows an earlier programme that tells the story of John Ogdon’s life, to be broadcast at 7.30pm on BBCFour on the same night. The programme features unique archive and contemporary performance as well as candid interviews.

Watch both programmes live on BBCFour or from BBCiPlayer after it has been broadcast here: and


1 Donohoe Landscape (Sussie Ahlburg) - Copy John Ogdon
Peter Donohoe

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