Piatti Quartet release new album ‘Winter’s Edge’

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Piatti Quartet

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The latest album from the Piatti Quartet has been released on Delphian Records today. The album – Winter’s Edge – features two quartets by Mark-Anthony Turnage. The Piatti Quartet have a deep familiarity with Turnage’s music, informed by regular collaboration with the composer since 2015.  Drawing on the ability of the quartet genre to absorb and reimagine both elevated and vernacular musical idioms, the quartets – Shroud and Winter’s Edge – are deeply personal statements – at times shockingly so in their intensity and insights into a world of private emotions.

Shroud was commissioned by the Emerson Quartet and Winter’s Edge was commissioned by the Piatti Quartet in 2019 and received its premiere at the Flagey Radio Festival in Brussels.

Watch an clip from Shroud

Film by foxbrushfilms.com

Buy directly from Delphian Records, other online stores or stream online.

Piatti Quartet

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